Union Members Suing UFCW

A federal appeals court agreed to hear a case brought by two UFCW members in Michigan, a state that enacted Right to Work legislation several years ago. In the summer of 2016, the two part-time grocery store workers attempted to exercise their rights to quit their union and end the automatic dues deductions from their paychecks. Outrageously, the union refused to stop taking the workers’ money claiming that their resignation letters didn’t arrive within an arbitrary time frame; the union also claimed that the workers didn’t send their letters by certified mail. So the workers filed a class action lawsuit against the UFCW in federal court in late 2016.

What kind of reputable organization does business this way? If you can join the union at any time, you should be able to leave it at any time. If the UFCW offered its members more value, maybe it wouldn’t have to go to such pathetic lengths to keep collecting union dues.

Hopefully, the courts will soon put an end to these games that union bosses like to play. But until the Supreme Court rules, the UFCW will likely keep wasting its members’ money fighting these cases.

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