Workers Allege UFCW Forced Them to Pay Dues

ufcw-local-700-forced-dues-here-foreverFort Wayne Kroger employees allege unfair labor practices on United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 700 for forced dues, file allegation with NLRB

The UFCW may be adopting a new motto for members- like in the Simpsons quote from Montgomery Burns, “Don’t forget: you’re here forever.” At least UFCW Local 700 is not taking no for an answer when it comes to collecting dues money from Kroger employees:

Eleanor Haynes and Barbara Peter, filed the unfair labor practice allegation with the NLRB against the United Food & Commercial Workers UFCW International Union Local 700 for, they say, ignoring their right to refrain from paying union dues.

The National Labor Relations Board has been shown to heavily favor union issues. Our previous coverage of them here shows they have recently been siding with the UFCW for micro-elections and allowing them to pay members to protest on Black Friday with gift cards.

While the UFCW Local 700 is downplaying the concerns, the case is being represented by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. NRTW Foundation President Mark Mix claims their case is central to upholding the Right to Work law:

“These two Kroger workers followed all necessary procedures to exercise their legally-protected right to resign their union membership and cut off union dues,” said Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Foundation. “This case underscores just how important Indiana’s Right to Work law is for workers who want nothing to do with scofflaw union bosses.”

If the UFCW Local 700 is indeed continuing to withhold dues money from former members who have done everything necessary to remove themselves from the union, they are in for some real trouble. While the NLRB may not be particularly friendly to challenges to unions, they are still bound by the law and this seems to be a clear case of the union violating the law.


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