Out of Touch

ufcw local 1500UFCW objects to Wegman’s entrance into the New York City market even though the grocery store chain has the best corporate reputation in the country according to a Harris poll.  Furthermore, it’s listed as one of the best companies to work for, and Consumer Reports says it’s the best grocery store in the country. In spite of all this, a UFCW boss had the following to say about the new store:

“After all, it’s about providing our Brooklyn community members with opportunities for stable and sustainable careers. Simply put, the company has no familiarity or understanding of providing good jobs and healthy food in New York City.

“The Brooklyn Navy Yard needed a responsible employer that our communities and families could count on to build a better Brooklyn. They needed a company that would help Brooklyn families attain the American Dream. What it didn’t need was yet another out of town transplant to move into its neighborhood again. Brooklyn deserved better.”

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