Ohio UFCW Members Pay Over $1 Million for 4 Union Bosses

Three members of Ohio UFCW Local Union 75 and one of UFCW Local 880 make over $1 Million a year from their members while ranting against income inequality.

A report by Watchdog.org identified 413 union leaders in Ohio UFCW making over $100,000 a year from union dues, and four of the top 50 were members of UFCW local unions:

Of those 413 union officers and employees, 75 were paid at least $150,000 — 25 more than the previous year — and there were 16 paid more than $200,000.

Topping the statewide list were the bosses of United Food & Commercial Workers Local 75 in Dayton. UFCW 75 paid secretary treasurer Steve Culter $355,400, and president Lennie Wyatt $328,116.

You can read more from Watchdog here.

Using the data from Watchdog, UFCW Monitor has compiled the four top paid Ohio UFCW leaders in the table below:

Steve Culter 355,400.00 Food & Commercial Wkrs (UFCW) Local Union 75 Secretary Treasurer
Lennie Wyatt 328,116.00 Food & Commercial Wkrs (UFCW) Local Union 75 President
Robert Grauvogl 200,699.00 Food & Commercial Wkrs (UFCW) Local Union 880 President
Kevin Garvey 176,831.00 Food & Commercial Wkrs (UFCW) Local Union 75 Exec Vice Pres/E-Board

Altogether, these 4 leaders of UFCW local unions in Ohio make a total of $1,061,046.00.

UFCW Local 75 has an active Facebook presence, and has been actively promoting the UFCW’s message nf the evils of income inequality. From a recent post on their Facebook page:

Ohio UFCW Local 75 income inequality

The video talks about how wage growth “stalled” since 1979. It goes on to say that “Corporations, along with lobbyists and politicians, have passed laws to keep wages down for most people, so CEOs and wealthy shareholders could reap ever larger profits.” Unmentioned, of course, are the large wages of the three top earners at the UFCW Local 75, who make a combined $860,347.00 a year.

UFCW Local 880, despite having a president who makes over 200K a year, does not have an active Facebook or Twitter presence. Their blog was last updated in July, newsletter was last updated online in December of 2009. However it is safe to assume not many of the members paying dues every month are making close to what the president of their union is making.

If Ohio UFCW locals are going to rant about income inequality, they should probably start investing in some mirrors first.


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