Member Begs UFCW President to Take Action

In an open letter to UFCW International President Marc Perrone, a UFCW member and grocery store worker is begging Perrone to suspend or fire Mickey Kasparian, the scandal-plagued president of a UFCW local in California. The UFCW member, Chris Lopez, very reasonably inquires about the amount of union dues money used to pay the settlements for the sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits filed against Kasparian; Lopez feels that “even a single penny is too much.”

Lopez also warns Perrone against inaction and accuses Kasparian of destroying the San Diego labor movement.

Mr. Perrone, your nonaction will imply that possibly you too are guilty by association by condoning Mickey Kasparian’s violations of human dignity…

The ignorance and self-serving actions of Mickey Kasparian have destroyed the labor movement in San Diego, possibly pushing us back decades.

The AFL-CIO Labor Council is broken up, fighting each other because of Mickey Kasparian…

Lopez is also concerned about the ability of the union to negotiate a good contract due to Kasparian.

We are desperate because our contract is nearing expiration and public perception is so important during contract negotiations. How can the public support us knowing what Mickey Kasparian has done?

Our union is tainted by the union president with his indiscretions. How will labor be able to organize with this black eye…?

How can the company management or anybody take our union president Mickey Kasparian seriously during negotiations? We have lost countless things from our contract over the years under his management and now minimum wage is catching up with us and will surpass many of us union members.

Lopez lists more than two dozen men in other professions who have been fired or punished for their improper behavior and asks why the UFCW hasn’t done anything about Kasparian. Lopez notes that his union representative claimed that the settlements had been paid by insurance; Lopez questions who is paying for the insurance.

Will Perrone respond to this UFCW member’s pleas and finally take action against Kasparian? Or will Perrone continue to sit on his hands as he has done for over a year as four Hispanic women have made serious allegations against Kasparian?

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