Losing Faith in the UFCW

A Colorado man, who tried to unionize his employer, has lost faith in the UFCW. Last year, Matt Hobson was employed at a marijuana shop and was dissatisfied with the working conditions so he contacted the UFCW. His employer subsequently fired him, and the UFCW lost the certification election. Among others, he blames union organizers for the election loss.

“I went into the entire matter thinking that the union was the last bastion of worker protection and that we would have the security and muscle of the union behind us,” he recalls. But thinking that, he says now, was a big mistake…

Hobson says the UFCW Local 7 organizers who had helped him begin organizing largely lost interest after he was fired, doing very little to assist him in finding a new job. Instead, they appeared keen on having him try to return to his old position, despite the fact that he no longer felt comfortable there. “They wanted me to go back to that horrible environment to try to hand them a victory,” he says…

“‘Maybes’ and ‘no promises’ … are the only things that the union seems to offer in abundance.”

… “At this point,” he says, “I trust the UFCW about as much as the cannabis industry.”

Since he was fired, he’s hardly worked.

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