Large Newspaper Slams UFCW’s Bill

The Sacramento Bee, one of the largest newspapers in California, recently slammed a bill being pushed by the UFCW. The bill is aimed at meal kit preparers, like Blue Apron, although apparently the law would not apply to that particular company.  The paper’s editorial board called the legislation a “special interest bill” and included it in a list of bills that “ought to die.” The board went on to write, “If additional regulation is warranted, public health experts, not labor, should seek it. AB 1461 would add regulation, without providing clear benefits to consumers.”

The R Street Institute wrote the following about the bill.

The stated goal of the legislation is to require the people who work for these meal-delivery services to get a “food handler” card requiring them to attend some training sessions. It sounds innocuous, but the broader result is to provide unions with the names and contact information of these workers, so they can be contacted about joining a union. Once a union has a foothold, it can insist on old-school work rules that undermine this newfangled business model…

If you still think this about food safety, consider that grocery workers who cut meats and fresh seafood remain exempt from these food-handling-card requirements, as do food handlers who work under a collective-bargaining agreement.

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