Harming their Company

UFCW members asked their community to boycott their stores because the negotiation process was taking longer than they liked.

A strike by local grocery workers could be on the horizon, but for now, those workers don’t want you stepping foot in their San Diego-area stores.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135 are boycotting area stores. Picketing began outside at least five stores this week…

A UFCW Local 135 spokeswoman said 14,000 union members could go on strike in roughly two weeks…

Regarding the UFCW Local 135’s contract demands, [Albertson’s Carlos] Illingworth said: “We’re dealing with complex issues, such as wages, pensions and healthcare. We’re bargaining in good faith and giving negotiations the time and thought that they deserve. We are working hard to find a settlement that is fair to our employees, good for our customers and allows our company to remain competitive.”

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