Executive Board Meetings

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In 2008, UFCW spent more than $600,000 – collected from dues paying members – on their executive board meeting at a luxurious San Diego resort, the Hotel Del Coronado.1 In fact, the Hotel Del Coronado is said to be one of the top 10 resorts in the world.2

The union went to this extravagant resourt during an economic downturn when, as the UFCW said, Americans were struggling to make ends meet.3 In fact, over the past four years, the UFCW has spent $1.9 million on executive board meetings at resort locations in San Diego, California and Naples, Florida. This is the equivalent to the dues the UFCW headquarters collects from almost 13,000 members.4

While times are getting tougher for average working families in America, the UFCW has spent almost $2 million of its members’ dues on vacation resorts for its executive board. These union executives are certainly not having trouble making ends meet.

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4Change To Win Applauds Speaker Pelosi For Blocking Vote On Colombia Free Trade Agreement

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