Did A UFCW Boss Commit Perjury?

Last year, UFCW boss Mickey Kasparian was sued by a former union employee. The former employee, who is a Latino woman, has accused Kasparian of coercing her into having sex with him. Due to these allegations, he was deposed for two hours this past summer. Details of that deposition have now leaked.

During his deposition, which he attended with three lawyers, Kasparian was repeatedly asked if he had propositioned a particular female employee. Each time, Kasparian denied it. He also claimed not to know why the woman’s husband attacked him. Kasparian also denied making disparaging remarks about a local politician and a grocery industry employee, both of whom are female. Of course, his denials conflict with the claims of his accusers.

Kasparian is hoping to have this case thrown out on a technicality next year due to the fact that the allegations were more than two years old when they were filed. Additionally, he hopes to have a second case against him dismissed. In that case, another Latino woman accuses Kasparian of gender discrimination and wrongful termination.

Depositions for a third case against Kasparian’s union are currently taking place. The plaintiff in that case is also a Latino woman; she alleges that the union engaged in gender discrimination and retaliation and wrongful terminated her.

At what point is the UFCW finally going to decide that there are just too many scandals swirling around Kasparian and show him the door?

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