Are Dues Being Used to Pay Hush Money?

Earlier this year, UFCW boss Mickey Kasparian settled all of the lawsuits against him. The plaintiffs in those cases made several allegations, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. All of the women involved worked for a union or an affiliated organization. Some of the claims were recent, and some of them were from a number of years ago.

The settlements were all reached secretly, and both Kasparian and the lawyer for the accusers have said that they can’t comment. This raises a number of questions:

  • Do the agreements prohibit the women from discussing the terms of the settlements?
  • How much were the accusers paid to settle the lawsuits?
  • Were any union funds used to pay these women?

Kasparian’s union, UFCW Local 135, is expected to hold elections this year. Well before the elections take place, UFCW members deserve to know whether or not any of their dues money was used to pay hush money to these women.

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