4th Woman Accuses UFCW Boss

A fourth woman has stepped forward to accuse UFCW boss Mickey Kasparian of sexual harassment. The latest accuser is a county government employee, an SEIU union member, and a former SEIU executive committee member. As with the others who have accused Kasparian of sexual harassment, she too is a Latina.

According to her complaint, he sexually assaulted her several times between 2014 and 2016.  More specifically, she accuses him of repeatedly groping her and even pinning her down on a couch in his office at one point. In her lawsuit, she asserts that “Kasparian’s conduct was vile and despicable, and he acted with malice, oppression, fraud in conscious disregard of [her] rights and well-being” and that she “sustained … emotional distress, anxiety, humiliation and mental suffering” due to his actions.

During a recent deposition, she even expressed a fear of Kasparian — fearing both for her career and her personal safety. This is quite a reversal for a woman who once admired the union boss.

After more than a year, this scandal still shows no sign of dying down. How much longer will the UFCW continue to stand by its scandal-plagued man, Mickey Kasparian?

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